Core Business of AYA Collective

We confront sexual and reproductive health problems and rights from an indigenous perspective.

We primarily focus on:

  • Strategic Program Implementation: We support national governments and civil society in implementing sustainable programs towards expanding access to safe abortion and contraceptive care services including sexual and reproductive health & rights.
  • Partnerships: We work with governments and stakeholders in maximizing “aid-investments” and generating domestic resources to address sexual and reproductive health gaps.
  • Thought Leadership: We facilitate and support the rise of thought leaders who will influence their international, regional, national and local agenda to advance important sexual and reproductive health and address social and inter-connected causes hindering growth such as gender equity, family planning and safe abortion.

Action Strategies

  • Facilitate governments’ commitments for implementation action.
  • Leadership & Ownership (synergy), Accountability and Human Capacity Development.
  • Institutionalize in a sustainability, culturally viable context via evidence-based scale up (leveraging & integration) approach.
  • Cross-country exchanges and support for leapfrogging innovation.
  • Integration of Technology and Innovation in the work space.
  • Resources mobilization (internal and external), and
  • Strengthening the capacity of local organizations.

Technology Driven Data Systems

Coming Soon