• AYA Collective is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) constituted of a pool of experienced health professionals with diverse but complementary skills and competencies to provide technical support and expertise to expand access to sexual and reproductive health to local institutions (government and NGOs).
  • AYA Collective is locally led, culturally grounded and offers innovative solutions to current sexual and reproductive health service-related challenges including mortality and morbidity associated with unsafe abortion.
  • Vision: Zero Tolerance for Maternal Deaths.
  • Mission: locally driven innovative solutions to challenges in sexual and reproductive health including unsafe abortion and rights.
  • Goal: Promote and leverage technical expertise to countries’ leadership and stakeholders to accelerate sustainable policy implementation to achieve governments commitments.

Our Team

AYA Collective is a Regional Hub of Expertise, a network of professionals with complimentary skills across several African countries.

    Governing Bodies

  • Advisory Board: Network of seasoned/experienced professionals who advice, facilitate and guide at the higher level, operations of the organization.
  • Executive Team: Technical and administrative leaders directly supporting and providing oversight of programs.
  • Strategic Partners: Network of dedicated and talented individuals and organizations with specialized skills who provide support to the organization for efficient and effective program implementation.

    Team Members

  • President

    Koma Steem Jehu-Appiah (Acting)

  • Vice President & Advocacy/Country Engagement Lead

    Koma Steem Jehu-Appiah

  • Vice President & Technical Lead

    Emmanuel Osei Kuffour

  • Finance & Administration Director

    Albert Owusu Nyame

  • Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

    Samuel Antobam – Team leader

  • Programs

    Patience Boni
    Marian Smith
    Benjamin Nyinaku

  • Technology and Innovation

    Richmond Crentsil
    David Kattah – Strategic Partner
    Godwin Marfo – Strategic Partner

Code of Ethics

  • As an organization, AYA Collective’s work is grounded by the WHO’s Code of Conduct for responsible Research as published in 2017. The organization believes in respect for the rights, privacy, and human dignity of all persons. As an equal opportunity employee, all management and staff will accord and treat all people with the equal respect and dignity regardless of sex, race, and/or national origin.
  • Additionally, every employee including board members and strategic partners (individually and collectively "Individual") of an affiliate of AYA Collective (the "Affiliate") shall avoid any conflict between his/her personal, professional or business interests and the interests of the Affiliate in all actions taken by or on behalf of the Affiliate."

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